Friday, March 23, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s main TV/radio news channel) posted an article on their website encouraging readers to switch to Linux, Ubuntu in particular.

Quoting slashdot:

"The CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] has posted an article on its website promoting the use of Ubuntu Linux to the 'average computer user'. 'With the exception of gaming, which is limited, almost all of the average person's basic computing needs are well looked after with this package. I've used the last three versions of Ubuntu on my main portable web-surfing computer for years just to avoid viruses and spyware (as the vast majority of these nasty programs are written for Windows), and I have yet to be disappointed.' The author seems to have made some sweeping generalizations about the development of GNU/Linux, but that aside, will mainstream media coverage help more people switch?"
I really hope this will help the ubuntu-ca loco team in convincing the public to switch to Ubuntu.  One question I've heard a lot when talking to people about linux is that "If Linux is so great, why don't more people use and know about it?".  Well, thanks CBC, I can show them your article now, and say "Here, Linux is in the news, and we're constantly gaining popularity."

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