We now have access to ubuntu trivia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to Quizbuntu, the Trivia bot. There will still be official matches with prizes organized by the Ubuntu Trivia team (aka, don’t expect to get a prize from this bot, you get them by winning in the Official Matches)

To play a game, please join #ubuntu-trivia with your favorite IRC client.

  • !start starts a game.
  • !skip skips a question.
  • !hint gives a hint, with a maximum of three hints per question, and a minimum of 10 seconds between hints
  • !stop stops the game.
  • !top10 gives the scores.

EDIT: /msg Quizbuntu ? for more commands.

The current categories are:

  • CISSP with 854 questions.
  • IANA with 4127 questions.
  • Hack History with 266 questions.
  • Kiddie List with 1303 questions.
  • Linux with 76 questions.
  • CIW with 135 questions.
  • PERL with 28 questions.