The easiest way to reach me is by email. If you need to reach me

concerning please write to

research or teaching

Ryan Kavanagh <>

Debian or FOSS

Ryan Kavanagh <>

any other matter

Ryan Kavanagh <>

N.B. Les étudiants de l’UQAM qui souhaitent m’écrire doivent obligatoirement m’écrire à mon adresse UQAM en utilisant leur adresse UQAM.

Please do not send me HTML email or attachments in non-free formats. I highly recommend using GnuPG to sign and/or encrypt your emails. My key id is BD958F7BF8FC4A11C97A. Its fingerprint is:

pub   rsa10240 2009-09-23 [SC] [expires: 2024-09-02]
      4E46 9519 ED67 7734 268F  BD95 8F7B F8FC 4A11 C97A

The safest way to get my key on a Debian-based system is by installing the debian-keyring package and running:

gpg --keyring=/usr/share/keyrings/debian-keyring.gpg \
    --export BD958F7BF8FC4A11C97A | gpg --import

Users on other systems can download my key or locate my key by running either (or both) of the following commands and checking the fingerprint against the above:

finger rak/ | gpg --import
gpg --locate-keys

I can also be found on several IRC networks as rak: irc://, irc://, irc://, irc://