Turnin-NG version 1.1 has just been released. Turnin-NG is an assignment submission suite written in Python and composed of turnin and turnincfg. Students can use the turnin command to submit an assignment to a course. Professors and TAs (teaching assistants) can use turnincfg to manage submitted assignments, making them easier to grade.

Version 1.1 fixes a vulnerability found in version 1.0.1. Courses can now be managed by groups of users instead of by a single account. The documentation has been expanded and numerous bugs have been fixed.

Here's the relevant changelog entry:

1.1 2010-09-01
  * Ignore build files in Git (generated documentation, build/*, etc.)
  * Always initialize all of the course's options in the config files
  * Upgrade configuration files from old releases / installations. Preserves
    previous settings, just adds the options to the config files.
  * Accept that the legacy symlink may already exist from a previous install

  * Add support for group managed courses
  * Don't die if we receive an invalid username or group when creating courses
  * Don't strip a submission if it causes an overwrite
  * Added forgotten import (sys.exit() needs sys to be imported)
  * Don't crash when raising CalledProcessError when gpg --verify fails
  * Warn on dangling signatures
  * Warn on signatures submitted by other students
  * Set the group on the compressed tarball and extracted project directory
  * Also delete tarball on delete_project if project is compressed

  * Don't needlessly import chown
  * Fixed vulnerability. Set student's $HOME/.turnin-ng/list to 0600 so that, on
    off chance their home directory is world readable, other students can't find
    out what their submitted file suffixes are (and thus be able to play with
  * Print a pretty error message when we try to submit to a closed project
  * Don't crash when GPG fails to sign and we try to copy a non-existent .sig file
  * Remove stale signatures on unsigned resubmits

  * Fix broken infodir entry
  * Properly install info manual with install-info
  * Expand the administrative section of the info manual

You can download the latest version of Turnin-NG here.